Welcome to the Dutch Valley RP Server Wiki!

Welcome to the Wiki page of Dutch Valley. Here, you can find everything you need to know about our server. If you are here to join it, I would highly recommend to check out our Tutorial series which describe everything you can do and accomplish in our server clearly. 

About us

We are a minecraft server with mods installed on the server. This allows for a unique gameplay and unique experience for the players. This is a roleplaying server, roleplaying means that we are trying to make things as realistic as possible. Roleplay will include jobs, shops, industry etc, the mods on the server will allow modern building and companys to develop on the server and give the server a unique touch to it.

To ensure fair gameplay all the players have equal rights, the reason we implemented this feature is that players can switch often between jobs, also we implemented a feature that allows Mayors (city owners) give orders/jobs to citizens. For example implement a new sewage system in the city, this will be founded by the Mayor and citizens have to build it with in the budget that the mayor has given. Also to make this feature more complete we added a complaint feature. Read more about the features on the wiki!

Join us

To join our server you need to have our newest client, you will need this because otherwise the server wont accept your client. You can download the client [[1]] . Currently  the server is still in alpha stage. Before you download and play our server we insist you read the tutorial pages. This will prevent akward situations and unjustified bans.

Go to: Getting Started!

If you encouter any bugs or have any questions about the server you can send message on wikia. Ingame you can use /helpop to contact any online admin or moderator.